managing mental health problems

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

MEDITATION and RELAXATION techniques take patience and commitment.  Here are a few routines to get you started.

Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep deprivation is a major problem in the US. About 1 out of 4 Americans have trouble sleeping on a regular basis.

Twelve Steps to Cope With Stress

1.  Take good care of yourself.

Work as hard on your personal/family life as you do at your work.  A happy home life is essential for a stress-free existence.

Learning to Meditate Website

This web-site offers instruction and guidance to computer users about the benefits of meditation.  The page entitled “Learning to Relax” states the site’s mission, and the page called “Meditation Room” provides an assortment of meditation guides such as “Work Break”, “Reducing Stress”, “Walking Meditation” and “Discover Your Inner Guide”.  This web-site may be helpful to those wishing to begin practicing meditation.
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Migraine Headaches

Migraine disease is a debilitating and underestimated health problem for teenagers and young adults. Migraines can last for hours, days, weeks or months.

The 60 Second Reality Check

During times of stress this simple but effective strategy can help you gain perspective and calm down in just one minute.  When stressed out (angry, anxious, hurt, irritated, sad, etc.) by an upsetting event, ask the following questions. 

Causes of Depression

A. Psychological

Stressful Life Events

1. Death of a loved one-especially parent

2. Divorce