Mental Health Skills Every Person Should Know!

Floating around my home is a magazine entitled “100 Skills to Make You a Better Gardener”.  It offers the very optimistic thought that despite my penchant for killing 50% of the plants I dig into the ground, there is hope that I can learn how to be more skillful gardener by practicing the strategies outlined in the magazine.  I too can acquire the proverbial “green thumb” if I just follow its practical advice. By improving my gardening attitude and skills, I am not destined by some permanent gardener’s character flaw to live out my life killing 50% of my plants. A green thumb isn’t something you either have or don’t have.  I have the green thumb skills to raise foxgloves, blueberry bushes and many other plants.  


What Clients View as Helpful in Therapy


In a study to find out what clients found in their psychotherapy, three factors were identified.